Hot Knife Rope Cutter

MAMBA Hot Knife Rope Cutter is the ideal tool to cut and seal synthetic ropes and braids in a single step. The blade heats up in seconds, and gives a neat and clean cut with minimal effort. The heat seal prevents the rope ends from fraying and avoids the need to use unsightly tape which may not last, or whipping twine which takes time to do.


The Hot Knife is not for ropes only, and can be used on a variety of other synthetic materials. It is possible to use this handy tool to cut expanded and extruded foam, webbing, cords, ribbon, fiber board, cable conduit, thermoplastics, sail cloth and awnings etc. This Hot Knife comes in a handy carry case and includes the blade, cleaning brush, Allen key tool. The cord has a Schuko plug attached as standard and an adapter to a standard 3-pin SA plug is included.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use trigger button
  • Fast to heat up
  • Easy cutting and sealing in one action
  • Replaceable and removable cutting blade
  • Schuko plug with SA 3-pin adapter
  • Handy hook to hang up after use

Popular uses:

  • Cutting and sealing synthetic ropes
  • Cutting and sealing of other synthetic materials
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