Flexi-cuffs (Plastic Handcuffs)

MAMBA Flexi-cuffs or plastic handcuffs made from high quality nylon material, and available in black only. These single use Flexi-cuffs are a popular form of physical restraint ideal for use by police and in the security services industry. Flexi-cuffs are strong, yet low in cost and lightweight in comparison to traditional handcuffs.


  • Nylon
  • Light weight
  • High durability
  • Flexible ties
  • Black
  • Single use

Popular uses:

  • Physical restraint
  • Arrests
  • Riot control
Description Width (mm) Length (mm) Pieces per bag Colour
Double Flexi-cuff 12 920 20 Black
Descr. Wdth (mm) Lgth. (mm) Pcs per bag Col.
Double Flexi-cuff 12 920 20 Black
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