Going Green


At Pentagon Corporation we are mindful of the impact of our operations on the environment.


We understand the need for affordable electricity for South African businesses and consumers alike. At the same time we are aware that South Africa is currently one of the 15 largest emitters of CO2 worldwide. As a company we want to do as much as possible to limit our contribution to that statistic.


To that end we have 55 solar panels installed on our roof and hope to keep adding more each year.


As at 27 July 2023 our installation has had the same effect as growing 855 trees for 10 years:

The factory cannot run on solar alone, and the panels can only reduce our consumption from the grid rather than avoid it altogether.


However we can run our office and a few smaller machines even when the grid is down. So there is the added benefit of rarely requiring a petrol/diesel consuming generator.


We know that our contribution is small, but this forest will grow with every sunny day. Luckily there are many of those in our part of the world.



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