Cricket Boundary Ropes

Mamba Cricket Boundary Ropes make use of the same quality materials as our SteelFlex rope range, however these boundary ropes are of the standard size, length and colour required for a cricket pitch. These ropes are ideal for prolonged outdoor use and do not absorb moisture.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low elongation
  • Fully balanced
  • No water absorption
  • Long outdoor life

Popular uses:

  • Sport
  • Cricket boundary
  • Battle ropes
Diameter (mm) Break Strength (kgf) Meters per kg Coil Weight Meters
30 11300 2.46 183.1 450
Diam. (mm) Brk. Str. (kgf) Mtrs. per kg Coil Wght. Mtrs.
30 11300 2.46 183.1 450
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