Coloured Braid

MAMBA Coloured Braid is a firm round braided rope that is available in 12mm and 20mm diameters in a variety of bright colours. This rope is suitable for applications where a bright, colourful and economical rope is required and is popular with makers of pet toys.


* The yarns and colours used change regularly. The picture is an indication only. Due to this variability of yarns the meters per kilogram observed in this product is expected to be variable. The product is sold per kilogram.


  • Round braid construction
  • Colourful outer cover
  • Economical

Popular uses:

  • Pets toys
  • Demarcation ropes
  • Decorative
  • General purpose
Diameter (mm) Approx. weight per bag
12 +-30 kgs
20 +-35 kgs
Diam. (mm) Approx. wght. per bag
12 +-30 kgs
20 +-35 kgs
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