Coloured Braid

MAMBA Coloured Braid is a firm round braided rope that is available in 12mm and 20mm diameters in a variety of bright colours. This rope is suitable for applications where a bright, colourful and economical rope is required and is popular with makers of pet toys.


* Colours used change regularly, picture is indication only


  • Round braid construction
  • Colourful outer cover
  • Economical

Popular uses:

  • Pets toys
  • Demarcation ropes
  • Decorative
  • General purpose
Diameter (mm) Meters per kg Approx. weight per bag Approx. meters per bag
12 13.1 +-30 kgs +-393 m
20 8.45 +-35 kgs +-295 m
Diam. (mm) Mtrs per kg Approx. wght. per bag Approx. mtrs. per bag
12 13.1 +-30 kgs +-393 m
20 8.45 +-35 kgs +-295 m
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