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Polyester Bag Sewing Thread (80/3)

MAMBA Polyester Bag Sewing Thread (80/3) is made from high quality ring spun polyester yarn, and is widely used for closing PP and paper bags. The sewing thread is available on small spools suitable for hand held sewing machines as well as large jumbo spools for fixed line sewing installations.

  • 100% Polyester
  • High quality ring spun yarn
  • 120g, 200g, 1kg or 1.8kg spools

High Tenacity Polyester Sewing Thread (2ply)

MAMBA High Tenacity Polyester Sewing Thread (2ply) is made from strong polyester fibres and is suitable for more heavy duty industrial sewing applications. The thread is also lubricated for improved high speed sewing performance.

  • High speed sewing
  • High tenacity polyester fibre
  • 2 ply construction
  • Lubricated

Nylon Thread (2ply)

MAMBA Nylon Thread (2ply) is a high strength thread 2ply sewing thread suitable for heavy duty sewing and is used extensively in crochet work.  

  • Heavy duty sewing and crochet
  • 100% Nylon
  • 2ply construction

Polyester Bag Sewing Thread (80/3)
Nylon Thread (2ply)
High Tenacity Polyester (2ply)

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