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Cotton Sash Cord

MAMBA Cotton Sash Cord, or Cotton Braided Rope, is manufactured from 100% natural cotton yarn in a round braid construction. Our sash cord is available in 5mm to 16mm diameters. Sash cord makes good knots and is popular in upholstery, handicrafts, camping and load securing. See also Sash Cord Packs for shorter lengths.

  • 100% Cotton yarn
  • Round braid construction
  • 5mm - 16mm diameters
  • Knots well

Coloured Braid

MAMBA Coloured Braid is a firm round braided rope that is available in 12mm and 20mm diameters in a variety of bright colours. This rope is suitable for applications where a bright, colourful and economical rope is required and is popular with makers of pet toys.

  • Round braid construction
  • Colourful outer cover
  • Economical
  • 12mm and 20mm diameters

Natural Fibre Braids

Coloured Braid
Cotton Sash Cord
Polypropylene Ropes
Polypropylene Ropes

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